100wc wk30 Jesse F

As I walked home from school I could here about eight people talking about steeling and running people over, but as I walked more the sound became louder and louder until there they were, eight boys. I said excuse me but they just mimicked me but when the laughing died down I flung my bag off my back to move them out the way with it and then I felt a sharp pain under my arm into my ribs my heart was beating like a drum. And then the blood dried and went like a cornflake. One of the boys said in a sarcastic voice “that was exciting.” On the TV in the hospital there was a lion that danced on its head.

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100wc wk30 Jack D

This morning I had cornflakes for breakfast. Felt like the luckiest boy in the world. 2 days ago Clara left the school she was the best friend of all time. She told me to meet tomorrow lunch time. Today was Friday and it Clean birthday party. I never had been to a party till 4th grade. I got kicked out last time because I sat on the cake and when I went to the zoo and got kicked out because I released the lions. I have to go get my haircut at the hairdressers.

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100wc wk30 Jabir D

Yesterday I died….today I am alive.

It was a cornflake life, nothing to do; I had no plans in life. I was poor, no education, so I decided to commit suicide, which surprisingly turned out to be the best choice ever. I became all the things I wanted to be (etc. detective and warrior) now that my life is like a lions life, proud and brave then want else could I want….

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100wc wk30 Henry K

I have just found a new species of bee. Its very .apparently this species is only found here in Corfu. It is called the lion bee it is called the lion been .It might sound weird

But when you here about .The Lion has a shaggy mane which pops up if it thinks that it is being attacked .It fascinated … I wanted to look closer but every time but every time I inched nearer it danced away with a buzz like a quick hitting drum .I re-evaluated so I got out a cornflake I put it in the glass cup . Immediately it went in to the box Success!!

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100wc wk30 Evie W

I feel so awful! I can’t believe I even did that! I mean I didn’t mean to give Jeff Fishface and Bradly Chalkers a black eye! Cornflakes don’t even taste the same anymore. Every time I think about it my heart beats like a drum. Ok I admit it was a bit exiting. But being called a lion and gorilla not. I wish everyone would forget about it I wonder if I do something like I danced on the school roof everyone  will completely forget about it? Oh I don’t know I have never done something like this before! HELP ME!!!

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100wc wk30 Eva O

Today has been tricky, it’s been so different. I had to leave my Uncle and Aunt after the destroying earthquake that struck yesterday. This morning my Aunt dropped me off on a boat that travelled to London. When I was on the boat I danced as I ate golden honey and cornflakes! When I got to London I met a family called the Browns family. There was Mr. Brown, who was a miserable man, Mrs. Brown who was caring and always excited; there were two kids and a pet lion. I met that family at a train station this afternoon in London. That was what my first day in London was like.

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100wc wk30 Elyshia W

I woke up and went downstairs to have my CORNFLAKES for breakfast. I was very EXITED, because I was going to see my Grandma to give her some apples. I was DANCING down the path until I heard a big DRUMING noise in the distance. I jumped out of my skin, because a LION  leaped on me.

I  ran to grandmas as quick as I could, and hid behind the bed. Something creaked behind me. I turned around and saw it. It was the lion. Oh no…

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100wc wk30 Ella M

Oh journal! Today was positively happy! I HATE IT! The morning began when I was rudely awoken from my slumber by Christopher. He danced about my room until I woke up- if he did that in the dark lands… well, he’d be a lot quieter! (Mwah ha-ha!) I got up and asked what on earth he was doing; he replied he was going to a party. A party? I didn’t know Christopher was THAT popular! The worst was yet to come- I had to come with him!! AHH! That, my journal is the only thing I fear. HUMAN PARTIES! All those dirty, puny humans, covered in cake and ice cream. Christopher tried to convince me it would be exiting, but I wasn’t convinced. I said I wouldn’t be attending this “party” but sadly, I was forced against my will. How dare they force ME, the dark lord, to go to a stupid party? Those people are truly ruthless! (I am starting to think they work for the forces of good…) When I and Christopher arrived, we were greeted by a woman In a striped t shirt, holding a smelly, sticky baby. I HATE babies! Throw them all in the sunless keep! I groaned, and started to walk back down the street. Christopher yelled, so strangely, I came back. Since when have I done as I’m told?! We were escorted to a garden, full of screaming jumping children. The noise could awaken the demons from the depths of hell! I walked over to a bench, and sat myself down, while Christopher went off. A puny boy ran up to me, wearing a lion mask, and roared in my face! If I had my power, I would of cursed him! But instead of destroying him, I dealt with it “calmly”. I leant into his face and told him that if he ever did anything like that ever again, his heart may have to stop beating. The child ran off pathetically, and minutes later, we were asked to leave. “we didn’t even get a cornflake cake!” Christopher moaned.

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100wc wk30 Deni E

Yesterday was a disaster at school; everyone was making fun of my boy shoes. “Cornflake boy flake your big shoes” they mocked.

I hate school but my mum won’t let me change because of her show business. I don’t live with my Mum, I live with my Nan. I don’t complain. (It’s pretty exciting.) We also danced in P.E. I disliked it because Marilyn and Susan are the best at P.E.( to be honest they’re the best at everything!.)

When I got home I saw my Nan covering her ears because of the noise level. It was Mrs. Brownlow’s son on the drums, Nan’s face was very funny, it was like a lion roaring.

Good night Diary. Write in you soon.

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100wc wk30 Blake S

I’ve now been in the glade for a month. After surviving the dreadful night in the maze I feel like nothing could get any worse. The grievers roars, louder than a lion. Terrifying. Why is W.C.K.D doing this to us? I cant stop thinking about my first night in the glade, all the music, drums when everybody danced. Especially Cornflake. “He was amazing!” Everyone said.

Today Minho and I went in the maze. We opened a new passage.  Its so exciting. We might get home. See our families!

Today were leaving!

Were out! Sadly many of us died when fighting the grievers. But were out.

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