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100wc wk30 Nicole W

Posted by on May 2, 2015

Finally…I have got the privilege of becoming mad! Wonderland can be so amazing, especially for me. Have you ever seen a drum playing a lion? Because I have! This morning I rendezvous with my dear cornflake (the flying hat) she danced up into the wind, before I could say a hat-tastic greeting.

Exciting was the word I used, my lovely tea pot which sadly lost its madness earlier. This is the saddest thing. Ever.

Next day…

It’s all gone wrong there’s no more wonder in wonderland… finding out a new secret…I cannot tell anyone.

One Response to 100wc wk30 Nicole W

  1. Joshua and Laura's 4/5 (100 WC)

    We throughly enjoyed this piece, Nicole. You did an effective job creating an entirely new world in a short amount of time. We admired how you structured some sentences in a way that also contributed to the fanciful feel of your content – sentences like “Exciting was the word I used, my lovely tea pot which sadly lost its madness earlier.” We look forward to reading more of your writing in the future! Thank for sharing.

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