100wc wk30 Rhys E

Today was magical. I was playing hide and seek, I hid in the wardrobe but then I fell back… through the back of the wardrobe! Then I found myself in a snowy winter world, my heart was pounding… I took a few steps forward and charged at me came a two legged creature I started to run back but then I tripped my heart felt like it stopped….. The two legged thing stopped in front of me and put its hand out to help me up. I was very scared, slowly I put my hand out and he helped me up.

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100wc wk30 Oliver A

Today at Bloors I found a way to wake up Emilia. We’re not quite sure if we’ll pull it off but we’ll give it our best shot. Now, this is our plan: Olivia is going to befriend Emilia ( this will be hard as right now she’s so vague she’s probably thinking about an exited lion that danced with a cornflake whilst beating a drum… lets get back to the plan). Saturday morning Fidelio Olivia and I will head to Fidelio’s house, unlock Tolly Twelve Bells and Emilia will wake up, it’s simple! All we have to do is avoid Manfred in the process.

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100wc wk30 Nicole W

Finally…I have got the privilege of becoming mad! Wonderland can be so amazing, especially for me. Have you ever seen a drum playing a lion? Because I have! This morning I rendezvous with my dear cornflake (the flying hat) she danced up into the wind, before I could say a hat-tastic greeting.

Exciting was the word I used, my lovely tea pot which sadly lost its madness earlier. This is the saddest thing. Ever.

Next day…

It’s all gone wrong there’s no more wonder in wonderland… finding out a new secret…I cannot tell anyone.

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100wc wk30 Nate A

My brother Rodrick had been playing the drums all morning. I had breakfast with my little brother Manny. We were going to the stupid zoo to see the lions to see them get feed. When I could be playing videogames and eating cornflakes but no my mom and dad decided to go to the zoo. My friend Rowley is coming too so I am feeling better. Rowley had lots of fun but I didn’t. When I got home I played videogames for the rest of the day. I am happy

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100wc wk30 Martha C

Today was a very amazing day well, I didn’t get out of this place but I guess this is better I will be seeing my mother! It’s very exciting, also pip found a friend his name is cornflake, I like that name. They met today it’s the lion lady’s dog she’s likeable.

There was lovely food all day I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much. There’s a new act I saw them outside the tent they danced through rings of fire, was playing the drum.

I can’t wait. I haven’t told but I’m thinking of leaving.

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100wc wk30 Lorna C

Today I woke up shocked to find a lion it had a crown of cornflakes rested on his head.


When I got to school and the lion was playing the drums. People laughed as they happily danced. It surprised me.

The most exciting thing happened to me! MY CRUSH ASKED ME TO THE DISCO! I was so happy… I was speechless.

When I came home I got change. I was going out with my friends. SHOP TIME! Looking I saw this cute dress…brought i. then I was tired and went home.

As I got home it grew dark. I got in and had my FAV meal. Watched a cool film.

Then of to bed for me.

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100wc wk30 Liam S

In the past I met Michael and Mina. They were the people who kept me alive. I wasn’t born right, I was born with wings. As I grew up I found no home and my parents died so I was forced to live in a garage. Ernie (the guy who lived there) left food in the bin there was cornflakes and other food but my favourite was 27 and 53. Until Michael found me and helped me fly and of course mina as well. It was so exiting it made the lion danced back inside of me.

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100wc wk30 Lewis M

Today in class someone tripped over and because there was a drum he broke it and he got his head stuck in the drum. Everyone laughed except Mrs. Ebbel, she shouted at us to sit down. But after that we had lunch, then we played basketball, we won 22:19. So that was fun! So after that we went home. Jeff came over, it was exiting when he came in I said hi cornflake I mean  Jeff. We danced a lot it was very fun so fun I gave him my lion. Then he went home that made me sad.

Bye diary

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100wc wk30 Kieran B

Today I made the coolest invention of my life. Before I test it I went to school. Today we learnt how exciting it is to play the drums. Then we did P.E and Danced then it was history about the Lions. When I got home it was time to do it on my grandmother. She is really inoring. She said this to me GET MY CORNFLAKES NOW BOY.so I gave her the cornflakes and her medicine. She started to grow big enormous woman. She broke the sealing. I called her doctor but she shrunk really small. She was gone

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100wc wk30 Jessica A

I was so disappointed that Bradley didn’t come and see me after school on Friday or on Saturday before I left. I decided to leave him a letter and my favourite book ‘My Parents didn’t steal an elephant By Uriah C. Lasso.’ I will miss seeing him everyday asking me for advice. I didn’t  like the last time I saw Bradley because he got really upset because I was leaving, he should think and act like an excited lion. I hope he has a really good tine at Colleen’s party. Music with drums, he could dance to the cornflake song.

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